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VO+ Technology

Products with less plastic


Voiding technology

VOis an extensively patented voiding technology that engineers nano- and micro-scale air pockets into plastics to create high-performance products with a lower environmental impact. It is effective in a range of thermoplastics including polyolefins and polyesters and in a range of product forms including film, sheet, fiber, and filament.

How it works

VO+ is a polymeric additive technology that is supplied as a “masterbatch” resin pellet to plastic processors such as film manufacturers. During a conventional extrusion process, the VO+ masterbatch is added to a primary polymer such as polyethylene and this step disperses the VO+ additives within the material. The extruded polymer is then stretched, for example, using machine direction orientation (MDO), causing the VO+ additives to physically separate from the primary polymer to create a nano- and micro-voided structure.


Example of VO+ being used in blown film to inline MDO process

VO+ polyethylene film and packaging

Today, VO+ is most developed in PE film and is relevant to a broad range of markets including, flexible packaging, consumer products, agriculture, and industrial goods. Learn more about VO+ PE film and packaging products.