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The Chemical Show Podcast Podcast: “Creating a greener planet with sustainable innovation”

Podcasts VOID 31.05.22

Right now in the chemical industry, it’s innovate or die. Innovation in sustainability is one way big companies can help the environment. These days, people are driven by consumerism which results in more resources being used. Companies need to provide a solution where less is used and innovation plays a key factor there. Whether it’s innovation in technology or in marketing, the chemical industry needs to have that goal.

Join Victoria Meyer as she talks about sustainability innovation to the CEO of P2 Science, Inc., Neil Burns, the CEO of VOID Technologies, James Gibson, and the Chief Sustainability Officer at Epsilyte, Jon Timbers. Learn what each of their businesses does, from making green cosmetics to plastic reduction. Discover how they leverage technology to help innovate the industry. Find out how they are contributing to a more sustainable and greener environment today.