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4X Tougher: VOID Launches New VO3D® PLA Filament with Nanotechnology

Press Releases VOID 11.11.21

Neenah, Wisconsin – November 11, 2021 – VOID Technologies, a materials science company based in Wisconsin, has launched VO3D® PLA, a new easy-to-use 3D printing filament with four times more toughness than standard PLA. VO3D® PLA is ideal for professionals and hobbyists looking for high impact performance nearly comparable to ABS. 

VO3D® PLA is based on VOID’s VO+ technology, a patented nanotechnology licensed from Kimberly-Clark Corporation. A unique material, it contains nano-scale additives that are compatible with the PLA matrix polymer, but de-bond from the PLA upon impact. The debonding process disperses the energy of the impact, reducing the likelihood of material failure. Independent testing conducted by Intertek for Notched Izod Impact Strength (ASTM D256) validated VO3D® PLA’s exceptional impact resistance. VO3D® PLA was up to four times tougher than standard PLA filaments from leading brands. 

The images below were produced at the VOID labs in Wisconsin using a Scanning Electron Microscope. They show standard PLA versus VO3D® PLA. The toughening additives are clearly visible. 

 VO3D® PLA filament is designed for ease of use. The product does not require a heated chamber or ventilation, unlike other high-performance filaments. 

“VO3D® has proven very popular with hobbyists who want greater performance and toughness in their 3D prints. With this new product we bridge the gap between PLA and ABS. We have had especially good feedback from drone and remote-control vehicle users who require material with excellent impact performance,” said George Melton, Commercial Manager at VOID. 

VO3D® filaments are manufactured to a high specification in Wisconsin and are based on a high temperature PLA resin which offers greater thermal stability and product longevity. 

The company is running a Black Friday promotion for two weeks from Friday November 12th until Friday, November 26th. Customers can purchase a 1kg spool of VO3D® PLA filament for $19.99 including shipping rather than the retail price of $29.99 This promotion is available exclusively at 

About VO3D® 

VO3D® is a range of easy-to-print, high impact PLA filament based on patented nanotechnology from VOID Technologies, a materials science company. VO3D® has been developed by US scientists with the support of professional and hobbyist printers. VO3D® products are available online at and They also retail at select HobbyTown stores in the US. Find more information about VO3D® on the company’s website and social media. 

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About VOID Technologies 

VOID is a materials science company focused on accelerating the transition to more sustainable plastics use. Its patented VO + product is a plastic waste reduction technology for blown and cast films, moulded sheets, staple and continuous fibers for packaging, insulation, apparel and other novel applications. VOID began as a research initiative at Kimberly-Clark, and later launched as an independent company in 2015. VOID’s research and manufacturing facilities are based in Neenah, Wisconsin. Visit to learn more. 


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